Experience More In Life, With Less!

Posted by on Apr 2, 2016


When you hear the term minimalism do you think of living in an uncomfortable one room house, with stark white walls, a bed cushion, one pot and a hot plate? Well, you’ve got it all wrong!!

Living a life with a minimalistic mindset simply means keeping only what youuse, love and want.  Therefore, minimalism will look differently for each one of us.  We’ll each have our own version of it.

A WOW Fact

Here’s a shocking statistic to consider: despite the fact that home sizes have doubled in the last 40 years, 1 in 10 households will rent a storage unit to store their excess belongings.  To say that we live in a society of acquisition is an understatement.   Minimalism offers an improved quality of life that far outweighs the logic of hanging onto unnecessary, unused or unwanted items.

Want to Learn more?

I invite you to my next (free) lecture.  I’m collaborating with two wonderful women, and we will focus on achieving a full life with less stress, less stuff and improved finances. Join me for Spring Training for the Busy Woman , details are on our Events page.

Want to try it?

If you’re feeling even a little pinch of clutter in any area of your home- consider taking the smallest of steps towards minimalism by looking at one cabinet, drawer or closet.  Ask yourself– what do I really use, need, love and can’t live without?

Wishing You A Happy Spring!