College Survival 101

college survivalA comprehensive, customizable and flexible workshop for the new or struggling college student.  We focus on life skills which are not taught in schools and yet are critical to academic success.

Sandra Lane, Certified Professional Organizer and founder of Organization Lane created this course to guide students so they are more productive, work smarter not harder, and don’t feel overwhelmed. Students may not have these skills (or had the opportunity to learn them) but they can acquire them and use them to be more successful.

Session Descriptions

  • Session 1: Project planning vs. cramming
  • Session 2: How to manage distractions for productive results
  • Session 3: Multi-tasking- why it doesn’t work and what’s better
  • Session 4: Procrastination points and overcoming them
  • Session 5: List making and calendar use
  • Session 6: Learning to say “NO” is not selfish
  • Session 7: Self-care and creating work/life balance
  • Session 8: Dorm room, desk, and paper organization
  • Session 9: Out of the box study techniques

How long will it take?

  • Assessment: 30-45 minutes
  • Individual sessions: 15- 20 minutes each
  • Full program: 2.5- 3 hours
  • Virtual follow up: 20-30 minutes

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Full Program

  • All 9 sessions
  • Includes Assessment
    and Virtual Follow-up
  • Cost: $329

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  • Choose any 4 Sessions
  • Includes Assessment
    and Virtual Follow-up
  • Cost: $199

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