Summer Has Arrived

Posted by on Jul 15, 2016


Closing Out the School

Before you break out the sunscreen, take a few moments to clean up and organize your child’s school paperwork and get ready for next year.Any school papers you decide to keep should be limited to special pieces. These decisions can be difficult so here are some examples of discernment:

  • Keep your child’s final report card rather
    than each quarter.
  • Keep special reports or projects that exemplify the character and hard work of your child rather than a fill- in the blank test.
  • Keep special handwritten notes from teachers that praise your child.
  • Keep merit awards rather than participation awards.
  • Keep standardized test scores rather than
    the notice about the test.

I think you get the idea…

Your next important step will be the storage of these special mementos. Keep just enough to fill one large acid- free envelope labeled with the school year, teacher, best friends, and other fun facts about your child. Store this envelope and other special memory items in a labeled bin with a secure lid.

Another option is to photograph all of it and pitch the paper, or use the photos as a back up.

Taking these action steps each year will make it easier for you and your kids to enjoy these memories in the future.

Happy Summer!


Inspiration Lane

“Paper Clutter is no more than postponed decisions” ~Barbara Hemphill

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