Got Goals?

Posted by on Jan 3, 2018 in General, Newsletter


It’s that time of year, when many of us have the earnest intention of setting goals.
What’s on your list? Anything that may have also been on last year’s list? If so, you’re not alone; present company included.

This past year I read a book that changed the way I think about and set goals. I now share it with clients because of it’s impact on my life and work: The 12 week year by Brian Moran.

Picture this: it’s January, personal and professional goals are set for the year. We’re off to a roaring start and then focus is lost for several months and suddenly it’s November before we remember those goals from January. Sound familiar? We see it at the gym too. The place is packed in January and then empty by mid- March.

After reading The 12 week year, I managed to meet all but one of my goals in 2017. A first for me. The revelation and real success story is that I was focused on those goals all year long. Therefore, I worked on them all year long.

The concept is simple, set your visionary goals for the year. However, like any big project, break those goals down into smaller goals or steps. The smaller steps are what make up your 12 week goals. You become hyper-focused and priority- driven because you have only 12 weeks to meet these goals.

After 12 weeks, you do it again, work on another set of smaller goals to help you meet your overall visionary goals.
These shorter deadlines ultimately help you to keep your eye on the prize all year long. Wishing you a healthy and successful new year.

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