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Closet Clutter Clean Out – A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted by on Jun 2, 2020

The acquisition of clutter in a closet is something that nearly everyone can relate to. If you’re ready to take some action steps to clear out the clutter in your closet, here’s a step- by- step guide to get it done.   Food for thought…. Most people wear 20% of what they own 80% of the time. Consider that fact when you are making decisions about your own clothes. Schedule time. In your calendar, create an appointment where you will make decisions about your clothes. Depending on your schedule, the size of your closet and the amount of clothes you have, you may want to consider multiple...

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Productivity and Sleep

Posted by on May 1, 2020

Would it surprise you to know that your sleep health is related to your overall daily productivity? That’s right. Being productive each day begins with a good night’s sleep.     The National Sleep Foundation provides these recommended guidelines for sleep:   Age Recommended hours of sleep 6-13 9-11 hours 14-17 8-10 hours 18-25 7-9 hours 26-64 7-9 hours     If you are consistently missing the mark on your required sleep it can negatively impact your energy level, memory retention, mood, muscle growth and tissue repair.   Much like when we were children, a regular...

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Everyone is Home! Making it Work.

Posted by on Apr 14, 2020

Our Lead Organizer at Organization Lane, has some first-hand insights to share with those of you who are working from home with young kids. She is deep in the trenches too and these strategies have been useful to her family.   Get dressed every morning. Walk around the block to get in the mind set of “going to work” Have an official start and end of workday time. Communicate those to your employer. Prioritize your work day by what is most important to get done. Do those tasks early and when your children are most predictably occupied; perhaps nap time or during a scheduled...

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5 Ways to Stay Productive While you Study or Work From Home

Posted by on Apr 2, 2020

Don’t let the quarantine impact your productivity. Working and schooling from home is a new venture for most of us so here are 5 strategies to stay motivated and efficient.     1.) Set up work stations for everyone. Consider lighting, comfortable seating, access to electrical outlets and bring in all the necessary tools to work in order to reduce a search for them while working.   2.) Collaborate with family members to create a schedule for the week. Using a blank calendar template, family members can fill in their designated Zoom calls or online instruction time so everyone...

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Maintain Your Focus

Posted by on Mar 2, 2020

We live a world of distractions and stimulation that make constant demands for our attention. We may earnestly want to work on laundry, read a book or write an email but we are consistently interrupted by notification pings from our smart phone, computer, visits from family members or co-workers as well as our own procrastination diverting us from our daily goals. Research indicates that our brain will perform more effectively when we focus on only one task at a time. When we divide our attention between multiple tasks we are not giving either task 100% attention. This is the reason texting...

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