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Boost your Productivity with a Stand up Desk

Ergonomics: noun- the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.

If you’ve been thinking about outfitting your office employees with a sit/stand desk or would like one for your home office- here’s my take on what to expect.

One of the outcomes from the Covid-19 stay- at- home order was a deep dive examination into the ergonomics of my own workspace. It’s always been efficiently thoughtful with a comfortable chair, task lighting, tools and supplies within arm’s reach. However, after I began experiencing pain in my hip I made one major change: I purchased a sit/stand desk. There are numerous studies which reveal the adverse effects of sitting all day even if you regularly exercise. Whatever the cause, when we are experiencing discomfort or fatigue, while trying to work, it can negatively impact our productivity.

Positive feedback in favor of a sit/stand up desk:

  • According to the CDC, sit/stand desks reduce neck and back pain.
  • This desk option improves your heart health, energy and mood levels.
  • Standing after a meal eases digestion and minimizes blood sugar spikes.
  • A 7-week study showed employees were less stressed and fatigued.

For me, the stand up desk helped with engagement throughout the day and ultimately, boosted my productivity and improved my posture awareness. If you want to give it a try, here are some pointers:

  • There are two options of stand-up desks – a retrofit option or a whole new desk;  choose the one that is suitable for your office space and budget.
  • Don’t go from sitting all day to standing all day. Try easing into it with 10 -15- minute increments.
  • Use a timer to remind yourself when it is time to stand.
  • Adjust the height of the desk so your elbows are at 90 degrees.
  • This work mode should not exclusively replace sitting at your desk but be a compliment; be mindful of your neck, legs and back and mix it up.

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