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Clutter sucks!
And, it can suck the life out of you. Literally.

Clutter Impacts Your Health

  • Your respiratory system can be compromised due to excess clutter. A space that is difficult to clean because of disorganization and clutter collects dust, dirt and allergens.
  • Your clutter can bring on feelings of negative self-worth, guilt and depression.
  • Clutter distracts as a constant reminder that you have work to do.
  • All of the above leads to increased stress which affects your eating, exercise and sleep habits.

Clutter Impacts Your Relationships

  • Clutter can be a source of friction with a partner or other family member.
  • Clutter can bring on feelings of guilt and embarrassment due to the appearance of the space making it less likely you’ll invite people over and in turn, cultivate isolation.
  • The distraction of clutter makes it difficult to focus and be in the present moment with those you care about.

Clutter Impacts Your Work

  • A cluttered work space competes for your attention; impedes creativity and productivity.
  • According to CareerBuilder.com, employers are 28% more likely not to promote someone because of a disorganized and cluttered office space.
  • Your clutter is a source of lost time looking for misplaced items or replicating and replacing items.

If you’re ready to make a change in 2023 here’s how to move forward:

1. Acceptance

Your clutter did not accumulate overnight. Accept that progress will happen but not overnight.

2. Make a list of the areas in need of attention

Break down each area into small tasks. When each task is complete, cross it off your list and move onto the next task. This list will keep you coming back to the project.

3. Make Decisions

Go through each area and ask yourself questions to facilitate a decision. Do I fit it into it? Do I love it? Use it? Need it? What do you want more- the stuff or the space?

4. Create piles

Your decisions should prompt you to create piles such as these: Keep, Donate, Recycle, Trash.

Looking for more inspiration?

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Cheers to 2023!