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Time away from work is essential to sustainable productivity. Therefore, I highly encourage you to use your vacation time.

Are you worried about what will happen while you’re away? You are not alone.
Before your vacation begins, take these 3 action steps in order to have a stress-free return to the workplace.

1.)  Inform relevant parties.
Apprise colleagues and clients of your absence. Set up auto out-of-office messages for email and voicemail. Your messaging should include your departure and return date along with another point of contact in case an issue cannot wait until your return. Don’t forget to change this messaging when you return to the office.

2.) Work Ahead.
Do what you can to get ahead with tasks and projects. Delete emails, tidy up your desk, organize files and papers so you can return to a clear work space.

3.) Take one extra day.
Schedule one extra day of vacation for catch up on tasks at home. The overwhelm at work does not have to be exacerbated by what’s happening on the home front. Using this extra day to get caught up with laundry, grocery shopping, kids activities and mail will make it easier to focus at work.

With a little preparation  you can be fully present rather than pre-occupied on your vacation. Relax, recharge and rejuvenate. You’ve got this!

See you on The Road to Productivity!