Got Paper Clutter? Here’s your Quick Toss List


Before your papers and mail form into a pile- your best defense is to work on it daily.  This means every day you should perform an initial sort.

After you open envelopes, create 3 piles:

1.) File away – this will be a document you need to keep for future reference. Place in an appropriate labeled file folder and store in a file cabinet.

2.) Act – this document needs a follow up action step. For example, write a check, make a phone call, etc. Once that action step is complete, file or shred the document if you no longer need it.

3.) Recycle/shred– if you will likely not need read it, use it or need it then toss it. Recycle where possible and shred anything containing private information.

We all have paper clutter- if you’re ready to clear some of it quickly, use my ‘Quick Toss List’.  These are items that should require little thought but make a big impact in your space.

  • Expired circulars and coupons
  • Old greeting/birthday cards
  • Invitation to events that have passed
  • Outdated schedules
  • Owner’s manuals for items you no longer own
  • Photos that are poorly exposed or look bad;)
  • Catalogs older than two months
  • Recipes you haven’t tried in a year but thought you would
  • Magazines older than a year
  • Solicitations from charities you do not intend to support
  • Old newspapers
  • Old grocery lists
  • School papers from previous school year (save a few of your favorites)


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