Here Comes the Sun


What a joy to see some signs of spring! Very soon, we’ll be spending more and more time outside. Before that happens, here’s my top 10 list of items that you can do to quickly organize the inside of your house.

  1. Edit your magazines.Visit every collection area in your home for magazines and catalogs.  Recycle anything that is not from 2015.  If there is an article in a magazine you want to keep or a product you want to order- tear it out and get rid of the magazine.
  2. Organize your Junk Drawer.  Use drawer inserts or small boxes to compartmentalize similar items.  Be sure to ask yourself if the items in the drawer need to be there.
  3. Dust your ceiling fan blades.  An overlooked item, even by the best cleaners.  Especially those in the kitchen.
  4. Take some time to write notes to a few friends.  Keep blank note cards on hand for such occasions.
  5. Review and edit your VHS and DVD collection. Half Price Books and your local library will be happy to take your cast offs.
  6. organized-closet-clothesOrganize your linen closet.  How many sheet sets do you need?  Make it look pretty by wrapping the fitted sheet and pillowcases neatly within the flat sheet.
  7. Got a box of photos that need organizing?  Spend 30 minutes getting started on an envelope or a box.  You can also register for our free workshop in April.  Check out the Events Corner.
  8. Review and edit board games and toys. Donate to your church nursery or local preschool.
  9. Review and edit book shelves.  Not just your books but your knick knacks too.
  10. Check your bathroom medicine cabinet, first aid kit and makeup bag.  Check expiration dates and replenish where needed.  Bacteria buildup is the main reason for replenishing your makeup supply.