Holiday Greeting Cards- to send or not to send?


Holiday Greeting Cards- to send or not to send?What does your holiday to-do list look like? If it’s long and strong, capturing that perfect picture and sending out greeting cards to family members and friends can seem like a daunting task on that list.

If this tradition makes you happy then by all means- now would be a good time to get started.

To send….

  • Pictures can be taken at Thanksgiving or you can use any photo from your 2019 collection. The sooner you choose your photo, the sooner you can get the printing process started.
  • Order prints 3-4 weeks in advance of your mail date.
  • Grab a glass of wine and play some holiday music while you write, stuff and stamp your cards.
  • Some short cuts to help you complete the task:
  1. Using computer printed address labels or envelopes will save you some writing.
  2. If you have children that are able to help… stuffing and sticking labels and stamps onto envelopes are easy tasks that involve others in your beloved tradition.
  3. If you are unable to meet mailing deadlines, don’t stress over it, consider sending a Happy New Year greeting card instead.

On the flip side… if this task makes you miserable then consider a more simplified option that should alleviate any guilt.

Not to send …

  • You can extend holiday wishes to family and friends with the help of technology. Take your holiday photo and send an electronic card (also known as e-cards) via email. There are several companies offering this service with various price ranges. Type ‘Ecards’ into your internet browser and make your selection.
  • An easy, no-cost option is to post a holiday photo on Facebook, Instagram or the social medium of your choice. You are more than likely connected with the same people on social media that would have received your card through snail mail.
  • Lastly, if you have a handful of contacts that are not on social media or would prefer a tangible greeting card in their mailbox, you can send cards to those select individuals and reducing the number of the cards you send may be all the help you need to accomplish this task.

Are you having difficulty deciding which option to choose?

Ask yourself, what matters to you most during the holiday season? The answer to that question will bring to the surface what is meaningful and where you should be spending your time. Anything else is fluff you can do without.


Happy Thanksgiving!