Meet the Team

Sandra Lane, CPO, Founder

Sandra is a board-certified professional organizer and founder of Organization Lane. She takes great joy in helping individuals and businesses be more productive and manage their time and space more efficiently. As a mom, employee, business owner and volunteer, Sandra has years of experience juggling the challenges of everyday life; she understands what works and her goal is to help others find what will work for them.


A thought from Sandra:  “I am passionate about helping people discover and create peace, order and simplicity in their life and have fun doing it.”


Sandra’s Credentials

CPO certification


NSA Pittsburgh

Sharon Steinfurth, Lead Organizer

Sharon shares in our passion for bringing peace and joy to your life through the art of organization. She is a wife and a mother of two young children.  Prior to joining our team, she spent over a decade leading a team at a global specialty retailer.  Sharon is an empathetic, skilled professional who will work with you to make tough decisions to declutter, get organized and create systems to maintain that feeling of peace & order in your life.

Alisa Lenhardt, Organizing Assistant

Alisa has a long history of organizing groups and teaching others with her compassionate personal skills. She has lead/served others on 8 mission trips to third world countries and works tirelessly in her community with her garden club and other fellowship groups. A self-proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades and never afraid to get her hands dirty. She is the mother of 3 and proudly holds the title of household/financial manager. Very happy to be a part of the Organization Lane team, she is ready to help you too.