National Clean Your Desk Day!


National Clean Your Desk Day is January 11, 2021

Your office and desk space says a lot about you. Much like the clothes we wear, co-workers are judging your work space based on it’s appearance. According to, 28% of employers will not promote someone with a messy or disorganized work space. It’s not just about what others think…the clutter and disorder you may have in your office is impacting your productivity and health costing you time, money and increasing your stress.

If you want to embrace National Clean Your Desk Day – here is my easy plan to reach your goal.

1.) Edit
Consider every square inch of surface and file space as prime real estate. When making decisions about what to keep and what to release ask yourself these qualifying questions:

  • Do I use it regularly?
  • Is it current/active?
  • Does it serve me?

If you answer yes, then make room for it. If you answered no, then relocate or donate it.

2.) Organize
The items and files that will remain in your space need to have a consistent and logical home. Position items closer to you which are used more frequently.
Next step, select containers, file folders, binders and drawer inserts to help you create a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

3.) Ergonomics
Avoid fatigue, strain and stress in your office environment which can impact your overall productivity. Here are some best practices to consider for your office:

  • Your computer screen should be 24″-36″ away from your eyes
  • Avoid neck strain by positioning your computer at eye level
  • Sit in a comfortable chair with adjustable height options
  • Take time to stand throughout the day for short periods, this will keep you alert and reduce muscle tightness.
  • Natural or task lighting is essential to avoid eye strain

4.) Maintain
Implement a shutdown protocol of your office. Allocate the last 20 minutes of your day to do the following:

  • put away anything you were working on
  • file away papers
  • toss out trash
  • process any new emails in your inbox
  • write up your ‘to-do’ list for tomorrow
  • computer shutdown

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