Operation Holiday Clean Up


Operation Holiday Clean Up

While the holiday season has come to an end.

With a promising New Year just around the bend.

Cleaning up the holiday clutter

Can get one into a dizzy flutter.

Here is your guide to end one year

And start another with organized cheer!!


Now that the holidays are over, you may be thinking about how to clean up and clear out.  This process can be a great opportunity to lighten up any excess clutter and get your new year off to an organized start.


Un-Decking the Halls

When packing up your decorations think about how you prefer to deck-the-halls.  If you enjoy decorations in the same place each year you may want to consider packing them up according to room.  Each storage box can be labeled and filled with all items from a specific room. Take a picture of your room, mantel or table centerpiece so it’s even easier to replicate from year to year.

However, if you prefer to have a new view each year then I would suggest grouping similar items together and store into clear labeled bins.

No matter what you decide to pack up, check your inventory of decorations along the way.  If you did not use it for a few years, if something is broken or is no longer your style, consider tossing or donating the item(s).


Gift Overload

If your family was blessed with an abundance of gifts- take a look at what you currently have on hand.  Can you donate something in order to make room for those new gifts from Santa?


Holiday Cards

This can a tough decision for many folks, consider these ideas:

1.)  Using a hole punch, make a hole in the upper corner of the photo cards. Make a cover page indicating the year. Thread festive ribbon through the hole of the stacked cards and tie it off with a bow.  Keep all photo collections stored in photo safe boxes (acid and lignin free) which can be found online.
2.)  Trim photo cards so they neatly fit so they into a photo album or photo safe box. Organize them by year.

3.) Greeting cards can be repurposed!  Cut them up to make gift tags for next year.


Warm wishes for a Happy & Organized New Year!