Packing Hacks for Your Next Vacation

Posted by on Jul 9, 2018


Packing Hacks for Your Next Vacation

Happy Summer!! A time for travel and family excursions. Here is Organization Lane’s top 10 tips that will give you an edge while you’re away from home.

  • Check out my website for this free vacation checklist of what to do before you leave.
  • If you think you’ll be bringing home more stuff than when you left, pack a small suitcase and place your packed suitcase inside a larger suitcase. This way you only have to pay for one checked bag, at least on the way out.
  •  Don’t fold, roll your clothes. You can also use packing cubes to organize and compress your clothes.
  • Use your packed shoes as storage by filling them with undergarments or socks.
  • Socks can be used to store items too (fragile items like perfume.)
  • * Use a binder clip to tame your charger or headphones- keep this in your carry-on bag. You never know what delays you may encounter and you don’t want to run out of battery life on your phone.
  • Ditch the full size products and use a contact lens case to store just the right amount of concealer and/or moisturizer.
  • Pack instant oatmeal packets ( a cup of hot water on the plane or in your hotel room gives you a quick easy meal)
  • Bring an empty water bottle to the airport. Full bottles will be confiscated at the security checkpoint. Most airports have bottle filling stations.
  • Take pictures of important travel documents such as your passport or travel itineraries and store in ibooks on your phone so you can access them off line if necessary.

Happy Traveling!