Get Ready for the Holidays Get Ready for the Holidays! (11/13/2018) - Get Ready for the Holidays! Much of the holiday anxiety that comes with planning for Christmas can be eliminated with an early start. Begin by thinking of ways to simplify your efforts without skimping on traditions. What do you think you can give up doing this holiday season to lighten your load and enjoy your […]
Making Self-Care a Priority Making Self-Care a Priority (9/10/2018) - Any time you are preparing for lift off on a plane, the flight attendant will remind you to: “Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.” I suggest we apply this mindset to self-care. When you take the time to care for yourself, you improve your overall well-being and do everything you need to […]
Packing Hacks for Your Next Vacation Packing Hacks for Your Next Vacation (7/9/2018) - Happy Summer!! A time for travel and family excursions. Here is Organization Lane’s top 10 tips that will give you an edge while you’re away from home. Check out my website for this free vacation checklist of what to do before you leave. If you think you’ll be bringing home more stuff than when you left, […]
3 Reasons to Declutter 3 Reasons to Declutter, Once and for All! (3/6/2018) - Spring is a time we usually think about performing a deep cleaning regimen of our home. Open up windows and wash everything down. It’s also a great time to edit our home of belongings that have migrated into our space but are no longer necessary. I hope these 3 reasons to declutter will prompt you to […]
Got Goals? (1/3/2018) - It’s that time of year, when many of us have the earnest intention of setting goals. What’s on your list? Anything that may have also been on last year’s list? If so, you’re not alone; present company included. This past year I read a book that changed the way I think about and set goals. […]
Sandra Lane on KDKA See Sandra on KDKA Live (1/2/2018) - Start your new year off by watching Sandra’s appearance, January 2nd, on KDKA’s morning show. This short (6:38) video gives great tips about home and paperwork organization and information and the upcoming NAPO conference in Pittsburgh on January 11th, 2018
be prepared for overnight guests They’re coming… Preparing for Overnight Guests (11/13/2017) - This is the time of year when many of us will be hosting family and friends from out of town. With a little advance preparation, you can make your overnight guests feel welcome while maintaining a stress-free holiday for yourself. Whether your guests are spending one night or having an extended stay, here are a […]
College Bound College Bound! (6/12/2017) - It’s that time of year- when many of us (present company included) are sending our kids off to college. Small spaces can be difficult to organize and a dorm room is an even greater challenge. Here’s my Top 10 List that will help keep the clutter under control and help your student make the most […]
Spring Cleaning… is more than just extra dusting. (4/27/2017) - When it comes to spring cleaning or any kind of cleaning, …the more stuff we own, the more there is to clean. A spring clean out or edit of our possessions can be so paralyzing to some that nothing gets done. Years will pass and we can be faced with an overwhelming accumulation of stuff […]
20 Clutter-Free Gift ideas Ahead! (12/7/2016) - Gift giving is a tradition enjoyed by nearly everyone this time of year. I like to encourage folks to consider gifts that are thoughtful yet sensible and more importantly, do not not clutter a home. Here are a few ideas to help you be a clutter-free gift giver: A year-long subscription to the zoo, museum, […]