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With today’s economic slump, a rising interest in minimalism and the overwhelm of holiday commercialism I thought it would be helpful to revisit a blog post from a few years ago.

This season, you may want to consider gift giving ideas which have quality rather than quantity in mind.

The 4 Gift Rule
Each person in the family receives 4 gifts:
1. something they want
2. something they need
3. something to wear
4. something to read

Our family has followed the 4-gift rule for several years and here’s what
I’ve learned ….
As the consumer, the limitation of 4 gifts encourages a more considerate search for just the right gift with less impulsiveness.  I didn’t waste money on “gift fillers” but rather spent wisely on intentional choices for each family member.
As the recipient, each gift was meaningful to me because it was one of only 4 rather than one from a pile of many.

The 3 Gift Rule
Originally inspired by the 3 gifts brought to Jesus by the Wise Men.
1. Gold- a gift of great value
2. Frankincense- a spiritual gift
3. Myrrh- a gift for the body
An updated version of this rule is to choose what works for you and your family while maintaining a limit of 3 gifts.

Lastly, if you’re looking for gifts that limit the clutter and require no dusting at all, here’s the link to my

Clutter Free Gift Giving Guide.

No matter how you choose to give to others this season – I wish you a joy filled time with those you love.