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All rooms in the home

We can efficiently organize any room in your home- from the kitchen to the bedroom and everything in between. Organization Lane will help you edit your unwanted items and create a more functional, clutter-free and comfortable living space.

Household Management for Families

Organization Lane does the impossible- organizing  your kids’ stuff and activities (right along with yours).  Whether it’s help with daily planning/scheduling, clothes, meals, toys and artwork, we have the experience and skills to help you pull it all together.


The US Dept. of Energy reports that 25% of homeowners with a 2-car garage cannot park in it because it has become a catch all place for everything except a car. We’ll clear out the clutter, group items into zones, reclaim the floor space you need in order to utilize your garage to it’s fullest potential and save you from scraping your car’s windshield on cold winter mornings.

Moving In or Out

Moving In? Don’t miss a day of work to unpack your boxes, we’ll do it for you. Our comprehensive team approach will get you settled into your home in a day or two instead of weeks. We will unpack your boxes, determine ideal placement of items, hang and fold clothes, make beds and even remove the boxes too.

Moving Out? Organization Lane can help make your home look its best for potential buyers. We provide you with a written plan to create more space and improve the presentation of your home. You can use the plan to DIY or enlist our services to make it happen.

Organization for Students

We work with students and parents to identify and overcome issues that often impede productivity. By learning skills in locker, backpack and dorm room management, project planning, planner use, prioritizing and more, students can get work done on time and create more free time.

Home-Based Business

Working from home brings on a host of challenges and distractions. Organization Lane will create a work space that increases your focus and productivity.  We can set up efficient storage and filing systems for your supplies and paper flow.  Once organized, we can consult with you in setting priorities, reducing distractions and making the best use of the time in your day.