From Clutter to Clarity
60-75 minutes with Q&A

Sandra digs into the “how” and “why” of our overbooked, overwhelmed and overbuying culture. Sandra shares research on the affects of clutter to our physical and mental well-being. She will inspire you with strategies to release the excess in your life, mind and space so you can get to the corner of simplicity and success.

Psst! It’s easier than you think.

Meeting Break-Outs or  Lunch & Learn Events

Positively Productive!
60 – 75 minutes with Q&A

According to Salary.com, workers waste 2 hours/day. In this customized session, discover what obstacles may be impeding your productivity. Sandra will share actionable strategies to manage common challenges in today’s chaotic work culture.

Choose any 3 topics below create your own Positively Productive event.

  • How to Run an effective meeting, as a leader and as an attendee (online or in person).
  • Are distractions derailing your day? Improve your focus and productivity at work.
  • Stop Procrastinating and Start Producing! We all do it. Learn techniques to overcome procrastination.
  • Time Blocking 101. Tired of to-do lists? Learn how to stay accountable and focused with a when-to-do list.
  • Paper Clutter Conquered! Manage the never-ending paper flow and create custom files for improved efficiency.
  • Email manners and management. Don’t let it run your day or ruin your working relationships.
  • Your desk is a work space, not a storage space. Easy steps to get your work space organized.
  • Virtual Etiquette– professional do’s and don’ts for your online presence.
  • Work-from-Home Productivity Hacks– how to make working from home actually work.
  • Sleep Success! Why sleep is critical to daily productivity and what can you do to create healthful sleep habits.

Organizing Tactics for the Busy Mom
60 – 75 minutes with Q&A

All moms work, some have a full or part-time job too. Sandra has been in the trenches and understands the demands of motherhood. This breakout session is not about turning you into a Super Mom, this is about making you feel super about being a mom.

She uses her own experiences to provide solid solutions facing today’s busy families. Customize your session with a focus on any of these relevant topics:

  • the never-ending paper/mail flow
  • artwork and what to do with it all
  • upkeep of toys and clothes
  • the master bedroom – your sanctuary
  • self-care is the key
  • create your command center
  • stop keeping a mental to-do list
  • distractions get in your way

What people are saying…

“Thank you so much for the awesome presentation at last month’s Bethlehem Haven Helping Women Helps the World Luncheon.  Not only did you provide great practical advice (my desk and closets are on their way to being better organized) but you helped us raise funds for the women we serve.”


My office is ready for business, thanks to you. Lori. L.

Lori L.

The workshop was excellent.  I was able to use your techniques that afternoon and see a difference in my performance level.  Thank you!!

E. R.