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The first week of August is designated as National Simplify your Life Week. 

Take some time to recognize any stress, negativity, excess stuff or anxiety that is present in your life. Ask yourself, can I take some steps to remove any overwhelm and simplify?  

Your approach can be as simple as working one day a week on a particular
area of your life and space. 

Day 1
Declutter and organize your stuff.
Start small but start somewhere. One drawer. One shelf. One closet at a time. 

Day 2
Learn to say ‘No’.
Use discernment in how you spend your time. When you say ‘yes’ to something- it could be at the expense of something else that’s more important to you.

Day 3
Reduce your screen time.
Take a day to disconnect from electronics and quiet your mind. Meditate or just sit in the present moment. Be still.

Day 4
Take steps to reduce your debt.
Evaluate your spending habits, set up a budget and set goals to pay off credit card balances.

Day 5
Follow the 80/20 Rule when fueling yourself.
It’s tough to eat healthy and clean all the time. Consider a more sustainable plan by eating healthy 80 % of the time and reserve 20% for special treat days when they come up.

Day 6
Stop multitasking!!!
Focus on one task at a time and give that one task your full attention. You will finish the task faster and with greater accuracy than if you divide your attention.

Day 7
Reduce negativity in your life.
Surround yourself with people who bring a positive and uplifting spirit into your world. And, can you do the same for others?

Cheers to living more simply!