Spring into Organizing


Spring into OrganizingIt finally feels like spring is approaching.  With that season comes spring -cleaning.  This deep cleaning ritual is a fine opportunity to review which items are needed throughout the home. If you take the time to “edit” your home now you will have less to clean in the end!

Here are some baby steps you can take throughout your house.

Home Office

-Purge older documents or move them into archive files to free up active file space.

-Review magazines and catalogs.  Use magazine holders to store your favorites but also consider ways to cut back by canceling subscriptions or viewing online.


-When cleaning out the refrigerator, freezer and pantry toss out old, unused or unwanted goods.

-Have you acquired an excess of kitchen towels, dishcloths and rags? These items could be taking up needed drawer space in your kitchen.

-How about those gadgets, appliances and tools that you thought were going to be the next best thing?  If you do not use them, then you do not need to keep them.

-Take a peak in your junk drawer and toss out unnecessary multiples and items that do not belong but somehow find their way into that drawer.

Great Room

-Go through VHS tapes, DVD’s, books and games – your local Library, preschool or nursing home is a great source for these donations.

Play Spaces

-Sort through toys, videos and gaming items – if your kids have outgrown it or lost interest consider donating these items to your favorite charity.


-Take a close look in your medicine cabinet, and first aid kit. Toss out expired medication and unused prescriptions. In Sewickley, the Borough office will accept all expired and unused prescriptions in their drug take back bin located inside the lobby. Other municipalities host Drug Take Back days through the month.

-Don’t forget your makeup bag. Beauty experts suggest keeping makeup 6 months to 1 year to avoid bacteria build up.


I always encourage folks to store off- season clothes in a bin.  This will allow you to assess your wardrobe each time there is a season change. Before you make the clothes switch ask yourself these qualifying questions:  Do I love it?  Do I look good in it?  Is it in style?  Will I wear it?  Have I worn it in the last year?  If you’ve answered no- then you should release it and pass it on to someone else who can make good use of it.


When removing any of the unwanted items mentioned above, please consider responsible disposal options: recycle, shred, repurpose and donate.


Welcome to spring.


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