I was overwhelmed by a stuffed basement until I found Sandra.  Her organizational prowess, energy, and positive attitude were amazing!  She has creative storage ideas and loads of enthusiasm.  She unburdened my basement and my life.  I was so relieved with a cleaned out and organized basement that I even started exercising again!  And as a bonus, she hauls all of your “stuff” away and donates it.  I cannot recommend Sandra highly enough!

Laurie R.

Your expertise is amazing. I’m feeling refreshed and renewed with my clear, open office space.

M.W. , School Principal

I was very happy with the work that you did for me.  You were so efficient and I was amazed at how much you accomplished in such a short time.


What a difference a few hours with you can make!!  I’ve tried to organize my kid’s playroom on my own with no luck .  Your supportive words and get it done work ethic helped me get through the project without getting distracted.  I thank you and my kids thank you.

Joan C.

When it came to downsizing my closet and file cabinet, your presence made the difference.  I could not do it alone.


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help in organizing my home. It was such a blessing to have you come and help me.  It was a wonderful experience working with you– you exceeded my expectations!  Even months later I am able to keep my home in order and clutter free, which is a great feeling!


Sandra helped me with time management. I’ve always kept a to-do list. Sandra taught me to categorize my list and by writing everything down, I could see I was over extended. I was able to let go of some things and have more peace. What a difference! Time with Sandra is worth every cent.

Janet H

Sandra brought a great deal of positive energy to the job and  was willing to go to great lengths to work with me to clear the clothes, papers, books and dvd’s from my house, while also setting up the rooms in my house in a more strategic way that will be less likely to accumulate clutter in the future.   She wants to help you find a way to address the clutter- as opposed to making you feel guilty about it.  At the end of the day, I felt like Sandra had my best interest in mind and that she would go all out to help make my home a better place.

Raymond J.

I could not have done this project without you Sandra- thank you! My guest room is no longer a storage room and we are ready for visitors.

Barbara S.

Sandra, I loved what you did in my house today!  Thank you for being open, non-judgmental, and so intuitive about what I needed to start on first.

Dana. H.