The Productive Closet


Have you ever started your morning off with an idea of what to wear which develops into piles of clothes on the floor, still nothing to wear and a late arrival to work?
An overstuffed closet can create an unproductive beginning which can impact the trajectory of your entire day.
That’s right, an excess of clothes and shoes in your wardrobe could be hindering your productivity. 

Here’s why:

1.) Decisions, decisions, decisions.
More clothes, means more options to choose from each day. This may seem like a blessing but can easily become a burden.
It’s the reason, Apple creator, Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day. By eliminating the menial decision of what to wear he streamlined his efficiency, energy and focus on the important decisions of the day. I’m not saying you should wear jeans and a black turtleneck every day but could you reduce the options you have by even a little bit in order to minimize your decisions?

2.) Losing Time and Money.
The more you have the more you have to maintain. Think of the time and money spent shopping, organizing, planning, maintaining and cleaning items in your closet. What could you be doing with all that time and money that would be more fun or productive?

3.) Boost your Self-Confidence.
We all have those “go-to” items we love to wear. Those clothes that make us feel confident and empowered.  However, if statistics say we wear 20% of what we own 80% of the time, why do we need all the other stuff? The short answer: We don’t!
It’s nice to have choices but not when the contents of your closet become a daily disruption, then it’s time for a change.

Schedule short blocks of time each day to peruse your wardrobe. Release items that no longer serve you. Focus your effort on keeping the items you truly LOVE and donate items that fall into that 80% category.

Cheers to your productivity!


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