Your Summer, Organized


With some planning now, you can enjoy the spontaneity that summer brings. Here are some ideas to get you & your family ready for fun in the sun!

For general summer fun:

  1. Have a family meeting to decide what you must do, see & learn before the summer comes to an end.  This exercise will help you map out your summer plans.
  2. Create a swim or beach bag fully stocked with towels, sunscreen, deck of cards, pool passes, etc. This will make leaving for the pool or beach easier & faster.
  3. Keep your car stocked with beach chairs & sand toys.
  4. Use snack baggies to prepare individual snacks for easy grab & go eating all summer.  Click the picture for the Pinterest link!
  5. Call your pediatrician now to schedule your child’s yearly physical, a necessary requirement  for school sports participation.
  6. Any kids going off to camp? Check the pack list & make any necessary purchases now.  This will save yourself a last-minute shopping trip.
  7. Summertime usually means time in the garage.  Move items around so you have easy access to all toys, bikes & sports equipment.

For parties:

  1. Keep an extra propane tank or bag of charcoal on hand.  You don’t want to run out in the middle of a party!
  2. Wipe down patio chairs & tables now.  They’ll be cleaned & ready for your next gathering.
  3. If you have a fire pit, I suggest stocking up on all of the necessary s’mores fix-ins!  Use dark chocolate for a great grown-up dessert!
  4. Keep your freezer stocked with hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, brats & respective buns.  You will always have the foundation for a summer menu & something for everyone.
  5. Purchase large sized lemonade & iced tea mixes so you have drinks ready for any impromptu party.