Happy Clients

tedx talk williamsport logoNAPO Conference 2022

Very helpful tips.  Sandra was very energetic and easy to understand.  I appreciated how she kept her talk simple yet practical and something I will use.


MIHFMA attendee

Sandra Lane’s entertaining and informative talk was loaded with helpful strategies on how to avoid accumulating all sorts of stuff that we do not really need, and was delivered in a delightful and engaging conversational manner.

Pam WrightSt. Stephen UMC

Sandra helped me with time management. I could see I was over extended. I was able to let go of some things and have more peace. What a difference

Janet H.

Everyone really loved your workshop at our 2021 World Information Architecture Day Pittsburgh conference. Your strategies to combat procrastination are so universally helpful to us all. Your material was presented in a non-judgmental way which encourages us to be thoughtful about implementing positive changes. I highly recommend you as a speaker to groups of any kind. I saw how you tailored your prepared presentation to suit the needs of our conference attendees. We all left inspired.

Jennifer Mazza CagliusoWorld IA Day Conference Organizer

Sandra's program was well-received from our members and guests. Our post-program survey received nothing but high reviews. We are grateful to have had her as a guest speaker at Central Exchange and look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.


Madison HayterManager Business Operations

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your presentation at CMU. Not only was the information helpful for all of us, but you  very successfully engaged a wide ranging audience. Your program earns high marks for both content and your speaking ability.

Frank C.