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Everyone really loved your workshop at our 2021 World Information Architecture Day Pittsburgh conference. Your strategies to combat procrastination are so universally helpful to us all. Your material was presented in a non-judgmental way which encourages us to be thoughtful about implementing positive changes. I highly recommend you as a speaker to groups of any kind. I saw how you tailored your prepared presentation to suit the needs of our conference attendees. We all left inspired.

Jennifer Mazza CagliusoWorld IA Day Conference Organizer

Thank you so much for the awesome presentation at last month’s Bethlehem Haven Luncheon. Not only did you provide great practical advice (my desk and closets are on their way to being better organized) but you helped us raise funds for the women we serve.

S.G. Luncheon Attendee

There was not a dull moment and you kept the audience very attentive. Thank you for keeping our Town Hall alive, we all loved you.

Anam PatelFinance & HR Coordinator Makeen Technologies

We received many compliments from our WIN members in regards to not only the content of your presentation but also the professional speaker abilities that you portrayed!

Dawn Pomaybo WIN-Pittsburgh

Sandra Lane gets my highest recommendation as a productivity coach. Her teaching has made a clear difference in my team's behavior and in how we conduct our meetings that has reduced stress and uncertainty in the flow and measurably improved information retention and outcomes.

Hurst BartleyPresident & COO, BCI Engineering


From Chaos to Clarity

Sandra takes a fun look into  our overbooked, overwhelmed and overbuying culture.

How did we get here?

This clutter results in more than just chaos in our space and life…you will learn the true cost to our physical and mental well-being

  • Develop a memorable understanding of why so many Americans have too much stuff.
  • Explore the negative impact of excess clutter to our mental and physical well-being.
  • Apply strategic steps to release the chaos of your clutter and bring in more clarity to your space and life.

Lunch & Learn or Break-Out Sessions

Get on the Road to Productivity!

Fab Focus- How to Diminish Distractions to Boost Focus and Productivity Professionals today are surrounded by constant interruptions. Telephones, digital devices, alarms, notifications, co-worker and family interruptions can throw an entire day off-track and tank productivity. If you find yourself constantly distracted and wind up working extra hours to complete daily tasks, you’ll benefit from the strategies in this workshop.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Producing Procrastination is a habit that everyone experiences. It’s a pricey form of self-sabotage that can prevent you from finishing important projects, accomplishing big goals, and enjoying the results of a job well done. If you’ve been putting off important work, this presentation teaches participants important strategies to outsmart procrastination and enjoy productive workdays.

Crush Your Goals Setting goals is an essential skill for any working professional. If you consistently fall short on your goal achievement, this workshop is for you. It all begins with the determination of your most impactful goals the SMART way. Sandra will guide you through this hands-on workshop of goal selection, execution, commitment and maintenance to effectively crush your goals moving forward.

Office Optimization  Disorganization at work is expensive. Trying to function in a cluttered and chaotic environment costs time, energy and money.  Is it possible to improve efficiency, productivity and create a positive workplace environment at the same time? YES. In this practical presentation for busy but high-functioning professionals, Sandra shares her step-by-step process to release the unwanted, reel in the essential, and revamp your office for optimal productivity.

7 Habits of Highly Productive Women

Women today wrestle daily with constant demands of their time. Obligations at work, home and in the community have them spinning. They often feel overwhelmed, out-of-sync and unproductive.

If you are a busy woman with no time to waste, feel like you spend your day running in circles and want to enjoy life while making a positive impact, don’t miss this popular presentation from Productivity Expert and Certified Professional Organizer Sandra Lane.

In this highly engaging and impactful workshop, Sandra shares:

  • Important tenets of successful habit formation
  • How one game-changing habit can reclaim up to 2 hours in your day
  • Helpful habits to boost daily productivity

Organizing Tactics for the Busy Mom

Sandra has been in the trenches and understands the demands of motherhood.

This program is not about turning you into a Super Mom, this is about making you feel super about being a mom.

She uses her own experiences to provide solid solutions facing today’s busy families. Customize your session with a focus on any of these relevant topics:

  • the never-ending paper/mail flow
  • artwork and what to do with it all
  • upkeep of toys and clothes
  • the master bedroom – your sanctuary
  • self-care is the key
  • create your command center
  • stop keeping a mental to-do list