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The positive direction of your next event begins right here… Sandra will provide an inspirational and dynamic opening, luncheon or closing keynote.  

From Chaos to Clarity

Sandra takes a fun look into  our overbooked, overwhelmed and overbuying culture. How did we get here?

This clutter results in more than just chaos in our space and life…you will learn the true cost to our physical and mental well-being.

Sandra will get you fired up to release the chaos and embrace clarity.

Psst! It’s easier than you think.

Break-Out Sessions

The Positively Productive Road Map is your guide to Getting on the Road to Productivity. Each module uncovers an obstacle that may hinder your daily efficiency along with proven solutions to bypass those obstacles. All modules can be presented on-site or virtually. Based on the length of your scheduled meeting, choose one or more modules in the Positively Productive lineup.  Have questions about which module(s) would be best for your event? Let’s schedule a discovery call to discuss.

Positively Productive Road Map!

Sandra will help you reclaim lost time and more.

  • Meeting Matters. How to make the most of a meeting as a leader and an attendee (applicable to virtual or in-person meetings).
  • Fab Focus.  Are distractions derailing your day? Actionable solutions to avoid multitasking and improve focus.
  • Procrastination. Stop procrastinating and start producing. Understand why we procrastinate and learn techniques to overcome it.
  • Goal Setting. Effectively determine and reach short and long term goals the SMART way.
  • Plan like a Pro. Let go of the mental clutter! Capture, prioritize and execute your thoughts, projects and plans. How to transform your ‘to-do’ list to become a ‘to-done’ list.
  • Self-Care.  Personal health is often overlooked and a critical stop on the road to productivity. Focus on sleep, socialization, positive mindset, movement, and eating habits.
  • Paper Clutter Conquered! Manage the never-ending paper flow and create custom files for improved efficiency.
  • Email manners & management. Don’t let it run your day or ruin your working relationships. Sandra shares valuable tips on email writing skills and etiquette as well as best practices to manage your inbox.
  • Where Does the Time Go? Develop strategies for maximizing the 1440 minutes you have in your day with routines, boundaries and time blocking. Regain control by overcoming procrastination and distractions.
  • Organization. Whether it’s your office, closet or garage- excess clutter and disorganization is stressful and costing you time and money. Learn how to release the unwanted, reel in the essential and revamp your office and desk.
  • How to Make Working-from-Home Work– Enjoy the benefits of working from home without giving up your full productivity potential.
  • Virtual Etiquette– Professional do’s and don’ts for your online presence.

7 Habits of Highly Productive Women

Female professionals, entrepreneurs and CEO’s  wrestle with daily demands of work and home with no time to waste. If you’re looking to positively impact your productivity, Sandra shares 7 game-changing habits that will get you there.

Organizing Tactics for the Busy Mom

All moms work, some have a full or part-time job too.

Sandra has been in the trenches and understands the demands of motherhood.

This breakout session is not about turning you into a Super Mom, this is about making you feel super about being a mom.

She uses her own experiences to provide solid solutions facing today’s busy families. Customize your session with a focus on any of these relevant topics:

  • the never-ending paper/mail flow
  • artwork and what to do with it all
  • upkeep of toys and clothes
  • the master bedroom – your sanctuary
  • self-care is the key
  • create your command center
  • stop keeping a mental to-do list
  • distractions get in your way

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I found her coming from an 'I've been there, girl' point of view. She lit my fire and got me wanting to organize my home.

MegMMO Group

Your presentation was terrific. I received tremendous positive feedback. Thank you!

Richard BenonisExecutive VP, Equitable Advisors

Sandra's program was well-received from our members and guests. Our post-program survey received nothing but great reviews. We are grateful to have had her as a guest speaker at Central Exchange and look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.


Madison HayterManager Business Operations

Her passion and kind approach engaged the audience. The ladies loved the tips and were excited to implement them. We liked her so much that we are excited to have her back in the Fall!

Jill CersosimoYMCA

Sandra is an excellent presenter and I highly recommend her services.

Bruce McIllrathBusiness Owner