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The Audience Experience

Sandra Lane gets my highest recommendation as a productivity coach. Her teaching has made a clear difference in my team's behavior and in how we conduct our meetings that has reduced stress and uncertainty in the flow and measurably improved information retention and outcomes.

Hurst BartleyPresident & COO, BCI Engineering

We received many compliments from our WIN members in regards to not only the content of your talk but also the professional speaker abilities that you portrayed!

Dawn Pomaybo WIN-Pittsburgh

Sandra did an amazing job speaking with the RV Women's Alliance. She shared practical tips and a program that allowed our attendees to interact with her. Her energy was infectious and she delivered her talk in such a way that she was not talking at the group but rather inviting the group to go on a journey to what is possible when they take control of their schedule and lives. A great speaker and we would recommend her to anyone.

Jessica RiderRV Women's Alliance Managing Director

PERFECTION. Poised, polished speaker delivering practical tips. Truly excellent in every way. Thank you!


NAPO attendee

Thank you Sandra for your time and talent! Our Board President emailed me in the middle of your program to say how awesome you were and asked how we found you! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others as well in the future.

Joey Lerch, Butler HRA

Thank you so much for the awesome presentation at last month’s Bethlehem Haven Luncheon. Not only did you provide great practical advice (my desk and closets are on their way to being better organized) but you helped us raise funds for the women we serve.

S.G. Luncheon Attendee

There was not a dull moment and you kept the audience very attentive. Thank you for keeping our Town Hall alive, we all loved you.

Anam PatelFinance & HR Coordinator Makeen Technologies

I would highly recommend Sandra! She had one of the top- rated sessions whose '7 Habits of Highly Productive Women' workshop delivered exactly what was promised - a deeply practical and well executed program.

Sarah ConkinContent Committee Chair, Spark Women's Leadership

Your productivity session was terrific. I received tremendous positive feedback. Thank you!

Richard BenonisExecutive VP, Equitable Advisors

Sandra is an excellent speaker and I highly recommend her services.

Bruce McIllrathBusiness Owner

Everyone really loved your workshop at our 2021 World Information Architecture Day Pittsburgh conference. Your strategies to combat procrastination are so universally helpful to us all. Your material was presented in a non-judgmental way which encourages us to be thoughtful about implementing positive changes. I highly recommend you as a speaker to groups of any kind. I saw how you tailored your prepared presentation to suit the needs of our conference attendees. We all left inspired.

Jennifer Mazza CagliusoWorld IA Day Conference Organizer

Sandra Lane’s entertaining and informative talk was loaded with helpful strategies on how to avoid accumulating all sorts of stuff that we do not really need, and was delivered in a delightful and engaging conversational manner.

Pam WrightSt. Stephen UMC

Sandra was both flexible and calm—a joy to host for our professional development series. With a topic as potentially daunting as time management, Sandra offered tips that were digestible and actionable.

Ashlee SangProfessional Development Chair, Association for Women in Communications

Best session of the conference for me! So much useful information and Sandra did an excellent job combining content with interesting anecdotes.


NAPO Conference attendee

Very helpful tips.  Sandra was very energetic and easy to understand.  I appreciated how she kept her talk simple yet practical and something I will use.


MIHFMA attendee

Sandra Lane was my favorite speaker. She had the perfect tone of voice and speed for her session and her pre-prepped handouts were very useful. She shared valuable information that I can use immediately.

Spark Conference Attendee

Sandra's program was well-received from our members and guests. Our post-program survey received nothing but high reviews. We are grateful to have had her as a guest speaker at Central Exchange and look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future.


Madison HayterManager Business Operations

The tips and tools you discussed are vital to employers, solopreneurs, and anyone wanting to be more productive!

Kelly Frost WIN-Pittsburgh

Sandra is a fantastic speaker! She is articulate and engaging. She also provided several takeaways to help us manage procrastination with our clients as well as ourselves. I would love to see her speak at NAPO again.

NAPO Conference attendee

The presentation and delivery were both amazing. People are raving about it.

Jan KowalskiGovernment Finance Officers Association- PA


7 Habits of Highly Productive People

Are you wrestling with constant demands of your time? Do obligations at work and home have you spinning and feeling out-of-sync?

In this session, Sandra will provide you with the direction and guidance to Get You on the Road to Productivity. You will leave with easy-to-implement strategies to elevate your game and enjoy more productive days.

Release & Rise Up:

4 Steps to Let Go of the Excess Clutter and Rise to New Heights

Can you imagine how productive you would be and the contribution you could make if you saved time, lowered your stress, and felt organized and efficient?

Impossible you say? Not when you learn Sandra’s 4-step formula to declutter. In this entertaining and thought-provoking Keynote session, the result will be an improved version of yourself ready to rise up to new heights in both your personal and professional life. 

Stop Procrastinating & Start Producing: 10 Strategies to Maximize Productivity

Procrastination is a habit that everyone experiences. It’s a pricey form of self-sabotage that can prevent you from finishing important projects, accomplishing big goals, and enjoying the results of a job well done. If you’ve been putting off important work, this presentation teaches participants important strategies to outsmart procrastination and enjoy productive workdays.

Master the New World of Work:

Remote/hybrid work is here to stay- are you ready? Sandra highlights the challenges which arise in the ‘work- from-home’ environment and how to overcome them.  She does a deep dive into how to create your best work space, manage interruptions, foster positive habits (even when no one is looking), and keep your work-life integration in check while continuing to maximize productivity.

Office Optimization 

Disorganization at work is costly. Trying to function in a cluttered and chaotic environment wastes time, energy and money.  Is it possible to improve efficiency, productivity and create a positive workplace environment at the same time? Sandra says: YES! and shares her step-by-step process to release the unwanted, reel in the essential, and revamp your office for optimal productivity.

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