Full Circle

            2023 began with a blog post about my word/intention for the year which was Be Present. As the year ends, I reflect on this intention which has come full circle for me. My effort to Be Present went through...

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Delegation- Your Key to Sustainable Productivity

Delegation is more than outsourcing tasks; it’s a strategic approach to managing your own resources and achieving sustainable productivity.   What delegation can do for you:   1. It provides the opportunity for you to focus on high-priority...

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Find your POWER Hour

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to accomplish more in a few hours than others do in an entire day? It’s all about finding your power hours—the time of day when you’re at your most energetic and focused. By recognizing and...

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How to Achieve Meeting Goals

In our fast-paced professional world, meetings play a crucial role in decision-making, collaboration, and progress. However, all too often, we find ourselves caught in lengthy, unproductive meetings that do not achieve the objectives, leave...

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Master your Mornings

Henry Ward Beecher once said, “The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day.” The goals you want to achieve in the early hours of the day, before you you begin work or start your commute to work, can set the stage for your...

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Work from Home Motivation Tips

Since 1985, I’ve worked from home.  Staying motivated when no one is watching can be a challenge especially if working from home is a new venture for you since the pandemic. Here are 5 practical tips I’ve learned along my...

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Improve Productivity with Effective Communication

Are you looking for more productivity and unity with your team? Take a closer look at the threads of communication within your work community. No matter where you sit on the organizational chart of a department, committee or company here are 3...

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Do you have the Burnout Blues?

Workplace burnout is not a new problem but it is a growing one. Today, employers are asking workers to do more with less resources which is contributing to the increase in burnout and more conversation surrounding it. According to Deloitte, 77%...

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One Year Ago Today….

On March 19, 2022, in Williamsport, PA, I was able to cross off a long-time wish item from my bucket list…. speak on the TEDx stage. Due to the pandemic uptick, the event was a little more low-key and the audience much smaller than I...

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