One Year Ago Today….

On March 19, 2022, in Williamsport, PA, I was able to cross off a long-time wish item from my bucket list…. speak on the TEDx stage. Due to the pandemic uptick, the event was a little more low-key and the audience much smaller than I...

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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Tired of the cold? Hang in there, the promise of spring will be here soon. While you wait, here are some productive tasks to accomplish. When you’re done, you’ll be ready to get outside and enjoy the season of spring.  1.) Send a...

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Love Yourself!

February is the month of love. I will be sharing posts and videos on social media including this blog with the message of self-love. My hope is to encourage you to do what you can to improve your body, mind and well-being. Self-care practices are...

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Clutter Free in 2023!

Clutter sucks! And, it can suck the life out of you. Literally. Clutter Impacts Your Health Your respiratory system can be compromised due to excess clutter. A space that is difficult to clean because of disorganization and clutter collects dust...

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Sensible Gift Giving

With today’s economic slump, a rising interest in minimalism and the overwhelm of holiday commercialism I thought it would be helpful to revisit a blog post from a few years ago. This season, you may want to consider gift giving ideas which...

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Home Sweet Office

By the year 2025, Global Analytics predicts 36.2 million people will be working from home. This is an 87% increase over pre-pandemic numbers. Whether you live in a condo, apartment or house- here are elements to consider when choosing an office...

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Kick These 5 Habits to the Curb!

Avoid the habits listed below (formerly my habits)  and watch what happens to your focus, energy and productivity. 1. Avoid storing stuff in your head. In his book, “Getting Things Done, David Allen says that “your mind is for having...

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Email Etiquette & Productivity Tip

Email is an integral tool for work and personal communication with others. I encourage my clients to manage their inbox with the thoughtful use of CC, BCC and Reply All. 1.) Carbon Copy or CC address box should be used when you want to be...

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Simplify Your Life!

The first week of August is designated as National Simplify your Life Week.  Take some time to recognize any stress, negativity, excess stuff or anxiety that is present in your life. Ask yourself, can I take some steps to remove any overwhelm and...

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