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On March 19, 2022, in Williamsport, PA, I was able to cross off a long-time wish item from my bucket list…. speak on the TEDx stage. Due to the pandemic uptick, the event was a little more low-key and the audience much smaller than I imagined but the thrill was still in excess. I recently came across my original outline of thoughts I used to write this talk. These thoughts still ring true today and are worthwhile takeaways to reflect upon:

Our clutter is making us sick. Literally.

Clutter breeds more clutter.

That clutter taking up space in your home used to be money in your pocket.

Procrastination of tasks is more likely to happen when you have clutter.

Find joy in experiences rather than physical possessions.

Letting go of clutter allows you to focus on what matters most.

If shopping is contributing to your clutter- press pause.

Work on your clutter….one drawer, one closet, one shelf at a time.

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