5 Tips to a Better Inbox


There are over 230 billion emails sent globally each day. So it should not be a surprise to know that email is the biggest obstacle we face when trying to be productive.

Here are my 5 best tips to manage your email inbox so it doesn’t run your day:

  1. Send less to receive less.
    Consider making a 5-minute phone call which could replace a barrage of unnecessary back and forth emails cluttering your inbox.
  2. Create folders.
    Using your inbox as a storage cabinet makes it difficult to see what’s important. If you have emails you need to keep for reference, relocate them into folders. You can label folders by date, project name or subject.
  3. Turn off notifications.
    Interrupting your planned tasks for the day with a reactive response to an email notification is unproductive. Instead, designate certain times of the day to check email and get over that FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling.
  4. Process your email.
    Opening your email is not enough; I suggest you schedule time to process email. Follow through with these potential action steps: read, delete, reply, file away or forward.
  5.  Unsubscribe.
    Unroll.me is a free service that will unsubscribe you from emails you no longer wish to receive. Check it out and you’re welcome;)
  • Are you overwhelmed?
  • Sleep deprived?
  • Missing deadlines?
  • Wondering where did your day disappear to?
  • Struggling to keep up with work and still enjoy family?

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