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2023 began with a blog post about my word/intention for the year which was Be Present.
As the year ends, I reflect on this intention which has come full circle for me.

My effort to Be Present went through ebbs and flows throughout the year.
Thanks to the recommendation from a friend, I read a book that guided me to the finish line (metaphorically speaking) and supported my resolve to Be Present.

The book is:  Change your Thoughts, Change your Life. Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Dr. Wayne Dyer. My most memorable takeaways are below:

Living More Simply 
Simplify your surroundings by reducing attachments.
Focus on quality rather than quantity. It’s not just about your physical clutter, simplicity also involves where you spend your time and who you spend time with.

Living More Peacefully 
Avoid straining a relationship for the sake of winning an argument or to prove a point.
Accept differences and embrace the peace that comes with letting go.
It’s best to choose harmony over discord.

Living by Listening More 
My journey to Be Present meant listening more attentively.
To be fully focused on one task or thought without becoming distracted in an overstimulating world is much harder than I thought. When I did more active listening, I was engaged on a deeper level which resulted in memorable moments, conversations, or learnings.

Living Without Expectations
In the productivity and organizing industry, there is an emphasis on outcomes and expectations which have a place in the world. However, I see more clearly, the value in the “here and now.”
I am content to make the most of what comes my way in life and work and know it will be enough.

I wish you peace, and joy for this season and beyond.

See you on the Road to Productivity.