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A Simplified life leads to a happy life

In my experience, personally and with clients, I’ve learned that simplicity can make you happy.  Living with less, have less commitments, less debt, less screen stimulation and less negativity produces a positive attitude, environment and life.

Please allow me to introduce my colleague, Sandy Campbell with Holistic Health Solutions. Sandy is an inspiring and happy, holistic health coach.

Here’s her take on the recipe for a Happy Life….

Can We Train our Brains for Happiness?

I have enjoyed spending the past year studying for a Certificate in Positive Psychology, which has not only been very engaging cognitively, but has helped me to build positive interventions into my life and my family’s lives. I have learned that how we choose to view the world-through a positive or negative lens-can have a huge impact on our health and happiness. According to Dr Shawn Achor, a positive brain releases Dopamine, which not only makes us happier, but turns on ALL of the learning centers of the brain. Our creativity triples, our intelligence rises, and we begin to scan the world for more possibilities. I highly recommend you enjoy his engaging and humorous Ted Talk here: 

There are many simple techniques or “how to’s” which you can easily add to your daily routine to increase your happiness and positive emotions.

  • Dr Martin Seligman’s research suggests that by simply writing down three events each night that went well that day, “Three Good Things,” you can significantly change your level of happiness within 21 days.
  • By spending only 2-8 minutes daily in meditation, which can be as simple as just sitting quietly and breathing in and out deeply, you can change the neural connections in your brain, increasing your overall mindfulness and your positivity.
  • By committing to take better care of your body by creating a new habit, such as eating two more green leafy vegetables a day, taking a morning walk, or drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, you can increase your positivity by creating more self-efficacy and better self-esteem.

    How might YOU choose to become happier this year?