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Tired of the cold? Hang in there, the promise of spring will be here soon.

While you wait, here are some productive tasks to accomplish. When you’re done, you’ll be ready to get outside and enjoy the season of spring.

  1. Send a card(s) or call a friend and let them know you are thinking about them.
  2. Delete irrelevant contacts in your smartphone address book.
  3. Recycle old magazines from your house or office.
  4. Read or listen to a self-development book.
  5. Download /organize photos from your smartphone to your computer or favorite app.
  6. Clean out the cabinet under your bathroom sink.
  7. Edit your home office files. Recycle or shred what you no longer need.
  8. Dust off the blades of any overhead fans in the house.
  9. Edit and organize a miscellaneous drawer (aka junk drawer).
  10. Go through your pantry and toss expired or old, opened boxes of perishable items.
  11. Listen to a podcast.
  12. Stretch to increase blood flow and release muscle tightness.
  13. Delete unused apps/games from your smartphone.
  14. Set up goals for the next week or month.
  15. Edit, dust and organize your desk surface.
  16. Plan and prepare some meals for the next week.
  17. Declutter any space- your choice.
  18. Update your resume.
  19. Color, paint, doodle or complete a DIY project.
  20. Take a power nap. Yes, that downtime is productive too.
Sandra Lane, Productivity Speaker and Consultant

Sandra Lane, Productivity Speaker & Consultant

Happy Spring!

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