Closet Clutter Clean Out – A Step-by-Step Guide


Closet Clutter Clean OutThe acquisition of clutter in a closet is something that nearly everyone can relate to. If you’re ready to take some action steps to clear out the clutter in your closet, here’s a step- by- step guide to get it done.


Food for thought…. Most people wear 20% of what they own 80% of the time. Consider that fact when you are making decisions about your own clothes.

Schedule time. In your calendar, create an appointment where you will make decisions about your clothes. Depending on your schedule, the size of your closet and the amount of clothes you have, you may want to consider multiple appointments in smaller time blocks.

Assess and evaluate. Look at each item and ask yourself these questions: Do you love it? Does it look good on you?  Is it in style?  Do you wear it?  Based on your response, here are your action steps:

1.) Keep. If you’ve answered ‘yes’ and the item is in season, then you can place back into your closet.

2.) Store. If you’ve answered ‘yes’ and the item is out of season or you wear it infrequently (i.e. cocktail dresses, ugly Christmas sweater, etc.) then I recommend storing those clothes in a storage bin, a covered wardrobe rack or another closet elsewhere in your house. A seasonal rotation of clothes provides the opportunity to continually evaluate your wardrobe. Ultimately, your closet should always be filled with items you love and wear right now.

Bonus tip: keep a pending donate bag in your closet at all times. If you try something on and don’t like it, rather than hang it back up, drop it into the donate bag and forget about it. When the bag is full- schedule a drop off.

3.) Donate. If you’ve answered ‘no’ to the above questions, it’s time to release those garments or accessories. Remember, any items you no longer wear are simply taking up space in your closet. Let go of any guilt and pass those unwanted clothes to family, friends, or a charity and they will now serve someone else. Consignment of your clothes is another option you may choose to consider.

4.) Maintain. You can sustain your fresh, new closet space by following the ‘one in- one out’ rule. If you purchase or receive an item of clothing consider releasing something from the same category.

These action steps will make it easier to get dressed each day, which will save you time and bring you some peace.