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Digital Clutter Clean Up Made Easy

Clutter in our life is not limited to physical spaces- we accumulate digital clutter as well.

An overloaded inbox, thousands of photos and more apps than we need or use.


It’s easy to accumulate excess digital clutter simply because many of us do not have the time to clean it up. Don’t be hard on yourself- there is an easy way to get this done.


Recognize the simple fact that the collection of this clutter did not happen overnight and releasing it all will not happen overnight.

Like any large project, I recommend you break it down into small steps. You only need 10 minutes to make an impact.

Working daily for 10 minutes to clean out your digital excess is much easier than trying to find an entire day or two work to work on this exclusively. I mean, who wants to spend a whole day doing this boring and tedious task anyway? Nobody.

However, in 10 minutes we can chip away at this huge task and continue to do so over the course of a few weeks.


Schedule 10 minutes each day on your calendar and commit to working on some part of your digital clutter.

  • In 10 minutes, you can delete 30 – 50 unwanted emails. By the end of a week you’ll have 300 less emails in your inbox.
  • In 10 minutes, you can remove 10 -20 unused apps from your phone.
  • In 10 minutes, you can delete, download or curate some of the photos stored in your phone.


So, instead of checking Facebook, Instagram or the internet, how about using that time to do a little housekeeping on your phone.