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Our Lead Organizer at Organization Lane, has some first-hand insights to share with those of you who are working from home with young kids. She is deep in the trenches too and these strategies have been useful to her family.


  • Get dressed every morning.
  • Walk around the block to get in the mind set of “going to work”
  • Have an official start and end of workday time. Communicate those to your employer.
  • Prioritize your work day by what is most important to get done. Do those tasks early and when your children are most predictably occupied; perhaps nap time or during a scheduled on-line class tutorial.
  • Consider using ambient music or nature sounds for you and your children. It helps everyone to relax a bit.
  • Pack lunches or create easy to grab options; now is not the time to be Martha Stewart!
  • Create a snack box for each child. These are approved snacks that they can go to throughout the day without asking. When the box is empty, that’s it until meal time.
  • Take advantage of free Audible books or other story telling sites to keep children entertained and engaged during the work day.
  • Post a schedule for the children in a place they can reference.  Have them check off when they have completed a task. Let them know what they can do if they complete a task in less than the allotted time.  i.e. screen time is okay.
  • Make sure you have enough devices for everyone to complete their work – children will each need a device as well as each parent.  Perhaps the school has loaner devices for your children.
  • Take advantage of outside time.  Kids can play in an area that you can supervise from a window and continue your work.
  • Family meal time is key.

Everyone is Home! Making it work

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  These are unique times. School and work will likely be understanding if things don’t run as smoothly as they usually do.



On behalf of everyone at Organization Lane, we are sending you positive vibes.