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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to accomplish more in a few hours than others do in an entire day? It’s all about finding your power hours—the time of day when you’re at your most energetic and focused. By recognizing and harnessing this natural energy, you can maximize your productivity.

Here’s how to find your power hour:

Observe. Pay attention to your body and mind throughout the day. Notice when you feel most energized and alert. Is it early in the morning, midday, or perhaps in the evening?

Experiment. Once you have an idea of your potential power hours, experiment with scheduling your most important tasks during that time. See how your productivity and focus improve.Once you’ve identified your power hours, now you can leverage that time frame to your advantage. Use these hours to work on tasks you’ve been avoiding or those tasks you feel are mundane, difficult or unpleasant.

You don’t have to do more or wake up earlier, simply embrace your natural rhythm and energy and you CAN make the most of your day

See you on the Road to Productivity.