Get Ready for the Holidays!


Get Ready for the Holidays!
Get Ready for the Holidays

Much of the holiday anxiety that comes with planning for Christmas can be eliminated with an early start. Begin by thinking of ways to simplify your efforts without skimping on traditions.

What do you think you can give up doing this holiday season to lighten your load and enjoy your time with family more? My top 5 list for holiday readiness also includes thoughts on simplifying.

  •  Still send cards? Take your picture at Thanksgiving and order them asap. Ordering them early also gives you a few weeks to get them addressed. Another option to lighten your load is skip a Christmas card and send a New Year’s card instead. Your card will be a welcome piece of mail amidst all of the Christmas bills that will be arriving in January.
  •  Set up a temporary wrapping station complete with necessary supplies. Lighten your load by wrapping presents as you bring them home rather than waiting to wrap them at one time.
  •  Keep track of gifts : My website has a free Holiday Checklist . Attach an envelope to the checklist to hold receipts till after the holiday for any returns or exchanges.
  •  When we have that one warm day in November, (in Pittsburgh, there’s always one ) use that day to put up your Christmas lights. After Thanksgiving, all you have to do is plug them in.
  •  Decorations: Lighten your load by decorating less rooms and stick to the areas visible to your guests. Bonus Tip: Take pictures of decorated spaces and rooms so they are easy to replicate each year. Pack up holiday décor specific to each room.

If you’re looking to give purposeful gifts, try this: each family member receives 4 gifts: Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

Have a blessed holiday!


Exciting Announcement!
Ask the Organizer Book

I have been asked many times over the years why I haven’t written a book. Friends and clients let me know how useful it would be to have all of my organizing tips available in one, easy-to-read place. I am so blessed and excited to announce that the book, Ask the Organizer Answers to organizing and productivity questions about your home, office, and life, is going to be released soon!

More details will be shared as I get ready for the launch and schedule some book signings! The book will be available to order on Amazon or Kindle!

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