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By the year 2025, Global Analytics predicts 36.2 million people will be working from home. This is an 87% increase over pre-pandemic numbers.
Whether you live in a condo, apartment or house- here are elements to consider when choosing an office space in your home.
 1.Door: Does your selected space have a door? Do you even need one? Do you need privacy on your virtual calls? Do you need silence in order to focus?
2. Natural Light: Does the space have windows to allow for natural lighting? This can be a game changer for those who thrive on the sun and need to see the outside world.
3. Electricity: Printer, multiple monitors, computer, shredder, router, lighting and charging stations all require an outlet. Will your space have the capability to accommodate the increase in electrical outlets? Or can an electrician retrofit the space to meet your needs.
4. Size: Will the size of the space accommodate all of the furniture and tools you need in order to perform your work without being cramped and cluttered?

5. Noise: What noise can you expect to hear while working in this space? Consider those times when kids are home after school or on vacation.
You may not be able to check every box on your wish list so prioritize what is most important to you and choose your location based on those decisions.
See you on the Road to Productivity!!