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Are you looking for more productivity and unity with your team?
Take a closer look at the threads of communication within your work community.

No matter where you sit on the organizational chart of a department, committee or company here are 3 tips you can implement to improve communication and further your progress.

1. Establish clear expectations.
Discuss and agree on the preferred methods of communication (email, text, calls, team apps) and the expected response times. Be mindful to set boundaries on responses after work hours and weekends.

2. Be an active listener.
In a world of multitasking, this is harder than you think. Dedicate your full attention to a conversation. Stay engaged by eliminating distractions and asking questions. Follow the 80/20 rule, listen 80% and speak 20%.

3. Collect feedback.
Use surveys, suggestion boxes or reserve time during meetings to hear about any concerns. This fosters empathy and care. Any changes implemented based on feedback cultivates improvement, growth and innovation. It’s a win/win.

When the people around you feel heard, understood and have a clear direction it sets the stage for success and a positive work culture.

See you on the Road to Productivity!

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