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We all have one, two or three. In the kitchen, office, garage, anywhere.

The proverbial junk drawer.


That drawer which can store everything from measuring tape to chewing gum and lots of other miscellaneous necessities that never seem to go together but are critical to helping you accomplish tasks in that particular room where the junk drawer is located.



Let’s take a closer look at cleaning out and setting up a successful office junk drawer.


Empty the Contents

Junk Drawer SOS

Random items can get tossed into junk drawer which do not belong but somehow find their way in this space. Let’s start with a clean slate by emptying out the contents.

  • Remove everything from the drawer. Spread it out on an open surface and sort all items into categories, pens, pencils, markers, staples, tape, etc.
  • Edit! Limit the items and the number of items to only what you need and use based on the drawer’s location. For example, you may need a screwdriver in your kitchen junk drawer but not in your office junk drawer.
  • Relocate items that do not belong in the drawer.
  • Toss items that are broken.
  • Donate items you no longer need.


Insert Drawer here!

What remains after the clean out can be placed into various compartments of a drawer organizing insert. There are many varieties that will suit your taste and drawer size.  You can find them anywhere from Amazon to the Container Store.

The objective of the drawer insert is to keep similar items contained in one section, making it easier to find what you need and return to its rightful place.  In addition, the insert will prevent all items from shifting in the drawer as you open and close it.

Junk Drawer SOS


Based on the frequency of use, it’s worthwhile to perform a check up on your drawer every few months and give it a little tidy-up.






Happy Organizing!