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Junk Mail Madness

According to the Center for Development of Recycling at San Jose State University, each American adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail per year!

If you are looking to reduce your junk mail, this information comes from the Federal Trade Commission website (www.ftc.gov)

* I cannot guarantee the junk mail will stop completely but you will see a significant reduction.

  •  To stop unsolicited direct mail, register your address at: www.dmachoice.org.


  •  To stop pre-screened credit offers from filling your mailbox, register your address at: www.optoutprescreen.com .


  •  To stop catalogs, visit www.catalogchoice.org. You can specifically select the catalogs you no longer wish to receive. Allow 30-90 days for your requests to be processed.


Magazines are another piece of mail that fills our mailboxes. Magazine subscriptions seem like a good idea when you sign up, however, if they are going unread month after month then it’s time to take some action. Cancel the subscription if you can or do not renew the subscription.

Donate your unread magazines to nursing homes, a doctor’s office or share with a local school, church or scout organization for crafting projects.

Simple steps to simplify your life.