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Maintain Your Focus

We live a world of distractions and stimulation that make constant demands for our attention. We may earnestly want to work on laundry, read a book or write an email but we are consistently interrupted by notification pings from our smart phone, computer, visits from family members or co-workers as well as our own procrastination diverting us from our daily goals.

Research indicates that our brain will perform more effectively when we focus on only one task at a time. When we divide our attention between multiple tasks we are not giving either task 100% attention. This is the reason texting while driving is against the law; our driving proficiency is negatively impacted while we text.

The best way to stay focused on your tasks is to turn off device notifications and block out other bothersome distractions where possible.

You can also get a little more help to stay present and focused with the use of essential oils. My colleague, Jenni Hulburt of Wild Wellness, is a passionate, down-to-earth fitness expert and essential oils specialist with some sage advice.


Essential Oils to Manage Stress & Improve Focus


Essential oils are the potent extracts found in plants, and aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils for physical, mental, and emotional health.


Keep in mind, there are varying qualities of essential oils.  Some are simply for fragrance in beauty and cleaning products, others are for flavoring foods, and essential oils for health benefits are tested for purity and potency, so you can often expect higher quality.  Look for certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, and follow all label instructions for use.


Due to their potency, you can inhale just one drop of an essential oil to shift your mood.  Adding 3-6 drops of essential oils to a diffuser can also help with increasing focus, or decreasing stress.  As an added bonus, many essential oils have purifying and cleaning properties to the space.


You can also apply a drop or two of essential oils, with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil, to the back of your neck, along the spine, or on the wrists.  The natural molecular structure absorbs into the bloodstream for a systemic and localized effect.


You may apply essential oils every 4-6 hours for an acute issue, or a couple times each day for ongoing support.  Be careful not to apply them to the inside of the ears, nose, or eyes.


The following essential oils could be used aromatically or topically for managing stress and improving focus:


Lemon – enhances focus and energy

Inhale from hands before working on a project, writing, or giving a presentation.


Wild Orange – calms anxious feelings and boosts mood

Diffuse for cleansing benefits, relaxed but energized mood, and immune support.


Lavender – relaxation or sleep, soothes physical tension

Apply to the back of your neck before bed.


Frankincense – grounding aroma for relaxation or mental focus

Apply to the forehead or inhale from hands.


Peppermint – energizing, increases awareness, soothes physical tension, and supports deep breathing

Inhale from hands, or diffuse with citrus oils for an energizing aroma.


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Bio:  Jenni Hulburt, founder of WILD Wellness, is a holistic fitness and essential oil specialist with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Exercise Science and Sport Psychology.  She’s also a top-ranked Wellness Advocate with doTERRA – the world’s leading essential oil company.  The WILD Wellness podcast, programs, and products are for women mindfully exploring holistic health and seeking to embody a nature-inspired life.

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