Spring Cleaning… is more than just extra dusting.

Posted by on Apr 27, 2017


When it comes to spring cleaning or any kind of cleaning, …the more stuff we own, the more there is to clean.

A spring clean out or edit of our possessions can be so paralyzing to some that nothing gets done. Years will pass and we can be faced with an overwhelming accumulation of stuff making it difficult to clean and/or enjoy our living space.  In order to take some steps forward, perhaps all we need is a change in mindset.

Here are some common reasons why we cling to items longer than we should and how we can re-frame our thinking so we can release those items.

1. It may be a gift.

I can understand why some may think that letting go of a gift is the equivalent to disrespecting the person who gave it to us. However, this quote I found captures a sobering point: “The truth is, neither our love for the person, nor their love for us, nor our memories, are in the possession.” If it’s something you no longer use or want, go ahead, let it go.

2. The item(s) in question may have been expensive or still have tags on it.

It is wasteful to let go of something we paid good money for, right? Ask yourself, what’s more important – gaining space and simplifying your life or hanging onto something that no longer serves you?

 3.) We might need it someday or fit into it someday.

Even though, we have no idea when that day may come, letting it go now would be letting go of an opportunity to use it again. Sound familiar?  Chances are, if you haven’t used it in years you probably will not use it. And if you finally do,  it will be outdated or out of style and you can upgrade or better yet, borrow it from someone.

If you would like some help making these decisions with your spring clean out, please give us a call. We’d be glad to walk you through the process with compassion and sensibility.