Time Blocking 101


Time blocking is a time management method which asks you to divide your day into segments of time and complete a task during the designated time segment.

You can use a paper note pad, planner or your favorite app to create your time blocked schedule. The key takeaway is it must be easy, accessible and work for you. For me, Time Blocking helps me to stay on task and perform focused work.

A Time Blocked schedule is not a “to-do list”, it’s a “when to-do list.” I encourage you to give it a try and consider these best practices:

  • Decide when your day will end and honor that time. Just because your office is at home does not mean you should allow work to carry over into family or personal time.
  • Create a window of work time that matches the time to complete the task. With practice, you’ll get it but in the beginning it helps to allow for an extra 15 minutes of buffer time when scheduling tasks.
  • Match tasks to your energy level. If you are at your cognitive best first thing in the morning, then schedule tasks which require that skill during the morning hours.
  • Don’t forget to schedule time blocks for lunch, email processing, returning phone calls and other breaks to avoid these interruptions while working within your time blocked task.
  • Write up your schedule the night before so it’s cued up and ready for you when you walk into the office.

Creating a time block schedule is simple and the most productive step you can take to get more done.

Cheers to your productivity!

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