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Since 1985, I’ve worked from home. 
Staying motivated when no one is watching can be a challenge especially if working from home is a new venture for you since the pandemic.
Here are 5 practical tips I’ve learned along my WFH journey: 
1. Create a dedicated workspace.
If it’s possible, in your home or apartment, set up an area exclusive for work. Space considerations could include a door for privacy, natural lighting, and a location detached from the distractions of family. This intentional division of space also fosters a healthy line between work life and home life. 
2. Get dressed.
Your attitude towards work can be motivated by what you wear to work. Athletes dress for game day- you should too. At the very least, avoid working in clothes you sleep in.
3. Structure your day.
I’m a huge fan of time blocking which turns a to-do list into a “when to-do list”.  Write up your schedule for the day with a start and end time for each task you need to complete. The objective is to finish the task before the time block is over. The success to this strategy is to reduce distractions allowing you to perform focused work.
4. Set realistic goals for the day.
Don’t be overzealous with your time blocked schedule. Consider working on 3 high yield tasks only. If you have time, you can always add more tasks.
5. Take breaks throughout the day.
Breaks in a corporate environment happen organically. When working from home, you must be deliberate about scheduling these pauses in your day. For example, step away from your desk for lunch. In lieu of a walk to the copy room, take a short walk outside.
Embracing these simple changes will help you to stay motivated and keep your work/life harmony in check.
See you on the Road to Productivity!

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