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Back to School Readiness Tips

Going back to school is the time when families re-establish routines that have gone by the way side with summer schedules. Here are some suggestions that can help prepare you and your kids for the school year ahead.


Paper Trail

Brace yourself, during the first few weeks of school your child will come home with dozens of forms and reminders in their backpacks. Tackle the paper with a filing system.


  • Start with a hanging file for each child. Labeled with their name.
  • Activity folders. Create manila folders for each activity that your child is involved in. Any paper related to that activity has a place to be stored and retrieved easily.  e. football, music lessons, scouts, band, etc. These manila folders will then be stored in your child’s main hanging file.
  • Physicals. Add a manila file for extra copies of your child’s immunization and physical forms so you have them on hand to submit to any team or club that makes the request.


Calendar Use

  • Download School Calendar to your smart phone or use your paper calendar to mark early release days, holidays, sports schedules etc.
  • Day Planner -Most schools issue a day planner for your student. This is a great tool that will become a necessary lifelong skill. Make the most of this planner by including after-school and weekend activities.



Nighttime Routine

You can avoid the stressful morning rush with some prep the night before. Here’s what you and your student(s) can do in advance:

  • Line up back packs and shoes at the door.
  • Check weather forecast and lay out clothes.
  • Pack non- perishables in lunchbox.
  • Get coffee pot prepped and ready. That cup of java is for you, not the kids.
  • Establish bedtime routines that include device shutdowns one hour before the head hits the pillow.

Wishing you and yours a safe, fun and productive school year!!

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